About Me

Exploring the depths of creativity has always been a passion of mine. I guess this was derived from being an inquisitive little boy from where I thought at the time was the most boring place on earth, Clinton, Maryland. Fantasy, Imagination and Playtime served as my escape. Naturally this behavior led me to the Performing Arts.

I first discovered this outlet through the church then at school. Now mind you, my least favorite thing to do was to lead the choir in “I’m Going to Fly Away” on Sunday mornings trembling in front of big hats and furs, but unbeknownst to me this would serve as part of my foundation. Clinton Christian Academy encouraged its students to participate in poetry and Bible verse reciting days. Whatever the reason for this was I gladly joined in. Eventually such school participation led me to nagging my parents to join the choir and take piano.

High school at Bishop Mcnamara all boys Catholic had its perks as they had a great theater department led by Mr. Beard. This man helped me discover my acting voice and encouraged me to compete in speech and dramatic competitions on a National Level. I did as many as I could placing in all yet one in particular was defining as it led me to NYC. New York Talent Search is where I landed my first manager and gave my parents a heart attack by bringing them to NYC.

This all culminated into my decision to attend NYU TSOA at The Strasberg Institute. The great thing about NYU is that it allowed its students be eclectic and encouraged them to experience many methods and training styles. I took full advantage of this completing my two years at Strasberg then hopping over to Musical Theater Works, and eventually to Alvin Ailey where I rounded out my final year of school.

Now with a wealth of experience under my belt having toured the states, Europe and Asia, performing shows in Dutch and German, being a swing and being thrown on at a moments’ notice, trying to learn to skate for a show only to be told you ain’t going to cut it, pinching myself onstage as I perform next to Icons, I find myself curiously at times wanting to return to that imaginative little kid from Clinton who was able to just be still, wonder, imagine and playfully create.